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How to distinguish the simulation model car and toy car

Before collecting simulation models of cars, one should know how to distinguish between simulation models and toy cars, because only models have collectable value, and toy cars generally do not have collectable value, they have childhood and memories.

Simulation model car

What is? Simulation car model is the car model, it refers to the shape, structure, color, and even the internal parts of the real car, strictly scaled down and made of scale model, according to the performance of static and dynamic. Automobile mold because of its true reproduction of the main characteristics of the original car, fine workmanship, its own implication is automobile culture, has a high collection value. A group of carefully collected car models can be complete, true reproduction of a car company, a car brand history.

The model features of simulated vehicles are: standard scale, real model, fine manufacturing and original authorization. Based on these characteristics, the two are distinguished below:

car simulation model

1, simulation car model (car model) must have its performance of the original model, the original model is reduced in accordance with a certain standard proportion, and the accuracy of the original car proportion is one of the important standards to measure the level of a car model manufacturing. And the size of the toy car design can be large or small, very arbitrary.

2, overall appearance in order to truly reproduce the vehicle prototype, simulation car model manufacturers will not make any changes and exaggeration to the appearance of the prototype car, not to imagine a car. And many toy cars may also be copies of real cars, but manufacturers often modify them at will, depending on customer preferences and limited production skills.

3, the car model in detail should also be highly simulated, the whole car model will be composed of hundreds or even more parts, each part is the corresponding model of the corresponding parts of the reduction, the more parts of the car model parts, the finer the division of the parts, the more complex the production process of the car model

There’s a big difference between a model car and a toy car. As simulation model car wholesalers have their own unique emotional appeal in it, and buy their favorite things, as the lover as treasure, some people think it is a toy, just sell expensive, some people think it is a decoration, but I think the car simulation model is a kind of decoration, like RC remote control car climbing, blood flow velocity instantaneous growth, blood boiling, like a long-lost fellow Company.

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