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Resin and Alloy Difference of Simulation Car Model

In fact, the simulated car model resin can also be collectively referred to as the hand model, car model resin and alloy model of the large area is no need to open the mold, just through the customer provided phase.

Shutdown photos and dimensional data (if they provide better 3D documentation of the real car) are used to make the handboard, so the simulated car model resin can directly reflect what the car model manufacturer has Technology and Level. Customized Car Models Can Greatly Shorten the Production Cycle, Spray Paint Can Enhance Aging Resistance Several Times, Handmade

But because resin models are made by hand, only car model makers can limit production or make them in small quantities. Thus, they are far from collectible.

Simulation Car Model

Far more than alloy car models, by the car model collection enthusiasts of all ages.

Automobile model resin products also have the following advantages:

1、 Exquisite texture, smooth, can stick to a variety of materials. Improve the life of automotive mold paint.

2、 Good coloring effect. Automobile model manufacturers may spray coloring directly before or after finishing the coloring.

Has good ductility, can be molded into various shapes without producing cracks, no cracking. Improve the simulation accuracy.

4、 It can be assembled by pruning after drying.

Not easy to wear and tear, not easy to scratch.

Environmental protection pollution-free, non-toxic.

7、 Customized natural resin for simulated automobile model can also have alloy texture.

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