New 1:64 Scale Subaru WRX S208 Diecast Model Car: A JDM Collector’s Dream

Diecast model enthusiasts and Subaru aficionados alike have something new to celebrate: the release of the 1:64 scale Subaru WRX S208 diecast model car. This meticulously crafted miniature is a perfect blend of intricate detailing and high-quality materials, making it a must-have for collectors. The model comes in two striking color variations—blue and white—and features a right-hand drive configuration, capturing the essence of the original vehicle.

A Tribute to Performance and Precision

The Subaru WRX S208 is a limited-edition, high-performance variant of the renowned WRX series, known for its rally-inspired design and exceptional driving dynamics. The diecast model replicates these features with stunning accuracy, bringing the car’s aggressive stance and aerodynamic profile to a smaller scale without losing any of its distinctive character.

Exquisite Detailing

Exterior Finish: The model is available in two iconic colors: a vibrant blue and a sleek white. Both finishes are applied with a high level of precision, ensuring a glossy, smooth surface that mimics the paintwork of the full-sized S208. The blue variant, in particular, highlights Subaru’s signature rally heritage, while the white version offers a clean, elegant look.

Body Design: Every curve and line of the WRX S208 is faithfully recreated in this 1:64 scale model. From the pronounced hood scoop to the aggressive front grille and the finely detailed headlights, the exterior mirrors the real car’s sporty aesthetics. The diecast model also features authentic logos and badging, adding to its realism.

Right-Hand Drive Configuration: This model pays homage to its Japanese roots by featuring a right-hand drive layout. This detail is particularly appealing to collectors who appreciate the authenticity of regional variations.

Wheel and Tire Details: The wheels are intricately designed to reflect the S208’s distinctive alloy rims, complete with brake calipers and detailed tires that showcase the performance pedigree of the vehicle.

Interior Craftsmanship

The interior of the 1:64 scale WRX S208 is just as impressive as the exterior. Despite the small scale, the model includes finely crafted seats, a detailed dashboard, and even the steering wheel positioned correctly for a right-hand drive vehicle. The attention to detail extends to the interior textures and colors, providing a miniature experience of the S208’s luxurious yet sporty cabin.

Collector’s Appeal

This diecast model is not just a toy but a collector’s item. The precision in design and attention to detail make it a standout piece in any collection. It appeals to both Subaru enthusiasts and diecast collectors, offering a tangible piece of automotive history. Whether displayed on a shelf or part of a larger collection, the 1:64 scale Subaru WRX S208 is sure to be a conversation starter.


The new 1:64 scale Subaru WRX S208 diecast model car is a testament to the artistry of diecast manufacturing. With its accurate representation of the real vehicle, from the striking exterior colors to the intricate interior details and right-hand drive configuration, it stands out as a premium collectible. This model is a fitting tribute to the Subaru WRX S208, celebrating its legacy and bringing its spirit to life in miniature form. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a Subaru fan, this diecast model is a worthy addition to your collection.

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