The new Toyota Camry will be listed in October

A few days ago learned from the Internet, Toyota has been “80 years old” old man, a car can survive 80 years or even longer, must have their own unique technology, these technologies have to upgrade from time to time, is the so-called live to the old, learn the old!

“80-year-old” Toyota is still very energetic, for example, the “2017 TNGA Fengnao Night” activities held in the Shanghai Auto Show, the purpose of the activity is released TNGA feng chao concept, and roll out TOYOTA feng chao WAY, TOYOTA Feng chao FUN two concept car, feng chao WAY corresponds to the future production car C-HR, Feng chao FUN corresponds to the future mass production of the Camry! Recently has been concerned about Camry, so understand the Toyota TNGA feng chao concept is really very strong!

TNGA feng chao concept is based on the concept of “making better cars” , production concept of a whole field of innovative adjustment, including cars development, design, production, procurement and other industries Chain value, including the innovation system, but also Toyota  create a new philosophy of repairer.

TNGA feng chao concept can be said that it’s Toyota’s new car repair values, in the TNGA feng chao concept, Toyota go out all aspects of the past relatively mediocre circle, not only a sense of driving will be stronger,  but also ride more comfortable, driving more stable, and a higher degree of security.

The new Toyota Camry, which makes me more and more interest on it , very looking forward to it! I heard that in October on the market, and now can only do is waiting… …

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