Nissan 1:18 scale Murano Car evaluation

Received the car model is extremely happy. Murano, this is my fifth Nissan car model. There is a story about Murano, a very old legend, beautiful. Murano, shape is really domineering, this generation of design and not same as the previous generation products. Former face chrome is very solid, the new language interpretation of Nissan latest design vane. Interior is more refined, high-tech configuration would like it very much, This time Murano car model, the scale is 1:18, the original car model is very thick and big. The weather is good, driving Murano cars, enjoy the breath of spring.

Murano have comfortable sofa and a personal appearance. Driving for a long time is not tired. Personality domineering appearance and eagle headlights. Body lines are smooth, especially the tail lines are particularly beautiful, the tail is also smooth and lovely.

the product we are selling : 1:18 Nissan  Murano 2015 die-cast car model

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