Diecast Cars Production Introduction

  • Diecast model cars production process

    Paudi Model provide the diecast model cars and scale model cars OEM, ODM and other ways of customized services for model car product.

Diecast model cars production process

Our professional and technical service will ensure your comp design eventually become a reality, also our quality management system can ensure that every one of your products have a high quality level.

We would introduce the production process of model products to you.

Diecast model cars production process

Data acquisition

Data acquisition is the first step of the production of model products, the appearance quality of the product depends on the perfect data. Therefore, the data collection process must be rigorous and meticulous.

3D data scanning

If you are planning to produce product without any datas, you will need to provide the material and the production requirements or samples to us. In order to ensure the accuracy of the appearance of the model, we need to make a precise appearance of the infrared scanning, after obtaning the appearance of the data, it is necessary to carry out the physical measurement and taking pictures of the various complex structure of the entity.

Providing 3D data

If you already have a physical 3D data and pictures, this is the most convenient. We only need to transform the design data of model car based on the 3D data which you provided.
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Structure Functional Design

Structure and function of your custom design is demand for the product, you want your product has what functions, define the overall quality of the product are determined at this step.

To provide sample

If you are not familiar with the product structure model, it does not matter. You can put your favorite product or that other models can fully replicate samples provided to us, and told us the same or different details. We can make your product mix according to your samples.

Detailed production requirements

If you already have a detailed production requirements, which is very good, the document directly to us.

Structural Design

The simulation model is a proportion of the product, the structure of his need to be designed according to the proportion of the entity. This requires structural re-edit.
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Prototype manufacturing

When we determine the production program, we need to achieve a simulation of physical function and structure design is reasonable, which requires us to make handmade prototype (referred to as the prototype).

Prototype production cycle

Prototype is a process to calibrate the design, whether in full accordance with the design drawings produced, which opponents do master experience have certain requirements. prototype master experienced functional design drawings to complete in a short time, while for some of the unreasonable structure design or innovation, but also to adjust and give recommendations. Generally hand to do the production in about 2-3 weeks.

Prototype of school inspection

If the product is a high-simulation model, assembled structure is more complex, in order to ensure the smooth quality of products as well as the next steps, which requires Prototype after the completion of a comprehensive kind of proofreading.


Mould typesetting

After confirming Prototype, engineers need to input data forming Mould manufacturing system. This requires prototype split and re-publishing.
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Mold manufacturing

Diecast  is the next step in the manufacturing process after the final approval Prototype, mold manufacturing process requires carved finely ground, for some sophisticated, complex mounting structure is to spend a lot of time to polish and the school seizure. Each mounting structure model of the finished molding, standards are presented in this process.

Mould allocation

Manufacturing process model is more complex and multi-layered, in the discharge mode hand to do data entry, we need to be allocated to the mold. Assembled parts, the more the more the number of sets Mould, of course, the higher the cost of the mold. Mould a high-quality model of zinc alloy die, ABS Mould, PVC Mould, SDU Mould.

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Mold production cycle

The higher the quality requirements of the product model, the higher the accuracy of the mold, thus mold manufacturing time will be extended accordingly. Generally, mold making time is about 100 days.

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Injection and die-casting

After The molding complete, the next step is die-casting and injection molding. This step is finished preliminary forming stage.

Metal Die Casting

Model of the product generally contains metal parts, metal Mould parts die casting call for the pilot to serve.

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Model of the product in trial production of plastic mold injection.

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Molding, injection molding Cycles is 10 days. Manufacturing number, the longer the Cycles.

Quality test

Diecast, injection molding trial production phase of the next step is to test the quality.
This step will test the effectiveness of mold making, as well as product quality positioning is feasible.

Assembly of finished (test)

After the mold is completed, then assemble the finished product (testing) for proofreading the initial design and prototype data.

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Quality Testing

After completion of the test product assembly, we need to test  falling, transport, aging, tensile and other tests.

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Prenatal prototyping

After the adoption of a series of quality tests qualified, then assemble a group prenatal template. While generating production instructions.
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Assembly processing

Model cars product composed of multiple parts, individual parts can not use modern machines are installed, still need to rely on large numbers of people for Assembly.

Spray paint

We use three-layer electrostatic spray painting. Ensure the appearance of the paint smooth and bright, close to the greatest degree entity.

Pad printing

The color composition of each part needs to be done through the pad printing machine.

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Model cars Assembly

When the assembly of the model cars has been produced, the production workers need to use glue, pliers, tools to combine all the spare parts. Such a beautiful model car was born.

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Quality inspection

To this step, the model cars finished product has been formed, and then can circulate and market. The paudi model regards the product quality as the fundamental of the enterprise development, the quality control of the product strictly adopts the AQPQ process to ensure that each product has a good quality.


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Quality inspection

All processes are used in the industry-leading AQPQ quality inspection process.

Storage and transportation

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