Product Development

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Product Development

The miniature car development is a complex work, a process from scratch, like the birth of a new life process. A new life is good or bad depends on your previous efforts and planning.
When you have a new project, your idea may be simple, find a factory, and entrust them with customized production. But if it is a large factory, may not be able to accept your order.
Small factories, you worried about their quality and supply security. Paudi Model has more than 10 years of industry experience. Cooperation with a number of large car manufacturers, and their suppliers. Experience in manufacturing and quality assurance can meet your requirements.
Our engineers will stand in your point of view, offers the best solution for you.

Production process

  • Appearance data collection

    By the appearance of photography, 3D scanner acquisition.

  • Structure design and proofreading request

    We will work with you to design your product scalability, versatility and sophisticated structure. To ensure your input of maximum benefit.

  • Mold manufacturing

    Data entry has been completed proofreading mold manufacturing equipment

  • Check and correct molds

    After the inspection of the mould, the details of the model car are amended and added. Simultaneous output of installation data.

  • Packaging Inspection

    Packaging appearance, packaging structure, packaging materials, transport testing and other design.

Our commitment

  • Model Car Data production

    Submit the model production data within 35 days after receiving the customer’s design data or collecting data from us (including images and related design requirements). The review time is 7-10 days.

  • Mold making

    After the mold production data is confirmed, PMTL will complete the mold production within 90 days, and submit the evaluation sample (EP board), and the revision time is 7-14 days.

  • Production and delivery

    After the prenatal model samples are confirmed, the preparation and engineering processes are completed in 15 days and delivered at a production schedule of 250-300 units per day.

  • Quality

    We promise that the defective rate of product delivery is less than 10% (on-site inspection)!

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