Paudi Model 1/18 scale Volvo XC40 2018 white diecast model car show

Volvo has officially released the XC40 model. The new car is based on the CMA platform that Volvo and Geely have jointly created. It is positioned in the compact SUV. In the compact SUV market, Volvo has been in a blank stage. The XC40 is a new product.
Let’s enjoy the VOLVO xc40 alloy model car.

1. This diecast vehicle has opening front and rear doors. Once open you will see an amazing amount of detail on the dashboard.
2. With a panoramic roof that can be opened to 45 degrees
3. All four wheels can rotate and have (shock absorbers).
4. Opening fuel filler cap
5. Folding left and right side mirrors.
6. Opening hood/bonnet reveals a very detailed engine compartment.
7. Active steering wheel that moves the front wheels.
8. Cab seat can be moved forward
9. Opening the rear door displays the highly detailed interior.


VOLVO XC40 2018 1/18  model car has VOLVO Chinese producer, quality and appreciation are very good. Interested friends can be purchased on paudi official website.

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