PaudiModel 1:18 scale Infiniti ESQ Model Car Evaluation

Infiniti ESQ is based on the Nissan Juke Nismo model to build the model, its shape basically retains the design of Juke Nismo, starting from 2014 in the way of pure imports in China. The bizarre appearance of this cross-border vehicle is definitely the biggest bright spot: the unique headlights, full contours, with the tail of the hatchback style. Although not everyone can accept this personality, Nissan relies on its unique design and practical ride space to attract a large number of young users. Juke’s global sales have exceeded 500,000 volumes, and scores are enough to illustrate everything.

For a relatively common car model, everyone will feel that they are “original.” As the industry is not in-depth understanding, in fact, many manufacturers in addition to help “original” OEM, they are more willing to build their own brand, and the ESQ is PAUDI (model) production model car, but honestly I have not touched Their product (Infiniti G37), but I know that this model consists of 285 parts, more than 230 + than the factory LFA Nur package.

As the title suggests, Nissan and Infiniti built this small SUV is really interesting. Model cars in front of roughly accurate, but the true wide-angle distortion of the car, so everyone feels the real car map “more exaggerated.”

But the difference between the front and the real car can be easily found. First, the silver jewelry in the front lip, the head appeared on the line a little meat, like a real car as sharp; In addition, the front port grille is also different from the real car.


Headlamps are the “ugly” element of the most important one, and it’s kinda nice. Model car structure is very small, but the internal construction can see the factory attaches great importance and serious attitude. Just the details of the shadows that the arrows refer to, the model is not obvious enough.

Model car cars front grille “ESQ” LOGO is a stand-alone piece, amplification is very clear, not blurred. Just under the camera’s macro, we see a bit of paint off. Model car’s front grille shape is based on the real car to replicate, overall quality feel satisfying.

Model car front cover lamp texture very well, but apparently found the difference on both sides of the front grille. But the detail is too thin, model the separation process is hard enough to do it. Also, this is the Infiniti ESQ, unlike Nissan Juke,juke is black the entire air intake, that in this way, the “error” does not exist.

First of all, I want to say that this is not the model car has a deviation, but because this angle of shooting methods lead to the difference between photographs and in-kind. The details here are copied carefully, and the “inlet grille” beneath the fog lamp is the same as the real car.

Side can see this small SUV is very unique. Model cars, like a real car, give the impression that this car is very alive, his line is more of a feeling of muscle. The model car is not narrow, but the edge is very smooth and smooth, there is no previous “original” model car that rough feeling.

But in praise, the model car paint can be said that the surface is very smooth paint, but still water. But with the introduction of the G37 like, ESQ paint on a grade.

Like the other “original” model cars, PAUDI itself has the task of casting. So even if his own product will have a strong “raw” flavor: can be a bit more exaggerated.

Can open the tank cover and the above mirrors can be moved to the standard, but sometimes this removable part is redundant or thanks? For example, the can lid makes clear the gap.

The wheels are actually more textured, especially when we look at the metallic feel; although the braking system is the same as the real car, the visual feel is a bit simpler.

First I thought Central ESQlogo model car hub would be ignored, but what is surprising is, restore the five nuts are very realistic, that have to commend the manufacturer, this is a very serious attitude.

Compared to the front, the rear is more normal, more beautiful.

There is no real difference between the rear of the model car, and now the “prototype” model has made great progress, in addition to get rid of wild and too small wheels, the shape is gradually disappearing. Cracks in the tail CAP is said here is pretty good.

The tail lamps of the modelling and the internal structure basically like the real car, but the seemingly yellow steering lamp gives the forgotten color division.

This model car does not use inferior Etching and Etching posted very solid, but I dared not boldly cleaned the car, lest tragedy once more.

Etching is good. Here to see the edge of the gap is indeed a little meat, the problem remains to be resolved.

ESQ dress after simulated supercar at the end of the diffuser design, in fact if not closed chassis, this design is simply meaningless. Model car “diffuser” on each plate shape as well as prominent as the real cars, the exhaust port diameter is slightly smaller than a real car.

After the comments of the appearance, the next step is to explain the “how many doors can be open model car”, and then into the model car interior, movable parts and other aspects of the discussion.

Obviously, this model car features very prominent, I really need to count how many of it can open the active pieces, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 …? I still can’t be sure, let us temporarily ignore this problem!

This model car really a lot of moving parts, now let us look at interior design. This sports small SUV, usually with black interior, said the interior is not warm feeling, but the seat of the texture can be done. I stumbled upon this model car manual transmission can be active!

Look inside, but it’s still a little rough, but also see the manufacturer trying to separate. Here you can see the seat surface better! I stumbled upon the model of the co-pilot seat lockers open …

Separation as a whole is quite detailed, but the color is not always affected by the independent quality and visual impact, so the interior as a whole is a little rough.

Model car door handles and doorknobs make two different color treatments, which are quite sincere expressions, the attitude of the car manufacturers nowadays, often deal with the same color. Skylight can open, the activity is really too much, the words back, really how many players will care about these functions?

Because the back door to open the door a little angle, so the back seat is really bad shot. But here you can find the rear seat can be put down, this design is the basic configuration of the SUV.

Open the back cover, is a dog-leg + hydraulic lever, this combination will not only add visual effects, but also through the hydraulic lever to ensure the opening part is not simple. I noticed that after you open the back cover, above the license plate details are not ignored by the manufacturer.

Really never know how much the model car has the function, I think I play the models is too little. Ha ha!

Open the front cover does not use the original dog legs, but the hinge structure of this more complex. Manufacturers want to get rid of the original big dogleg, is actually a good practice, but the hinge structure looks a bit too rough!

The ESQ power supply offers only two options: 1.6 x 116 HP and 1.6 Vortex 200 hp increase. Model engine is not a separate engine, but we can also see more details. Here is a ridicule of the support rod, is a thick plastic rod, why a factory can not use the iron? Texture really much better!

The “original” model car has touches, largely because of the metal chassis. Compared to metal chassis with plastic chassis, in addition to heavier, apparently a metal is very strong. But personally think that the chassis description of this model is too simple and detailed carving is shallow. In addition, I do in the so-called impact effect, in fact, this is not important, because the model car flight is not a real car activities.



Nissan Juke has always been one of my favorite model cars, especially the exception Juke-R violence, coupled with the recent fan does not work, so I asked Juke around the opportunity to get this valuable infiniti ESQ. Infiniti had heard of the original model car is very good, but the price is too high. Get real or surprised, this ESQ can represent the most primitive models of models: shapes, paintings, functions are satisfactory. See also PAUDI manufacturer’s intent, which is certainly a cost-effective product of conscience. His brother Juke Nismo RS is said to have sold, like a friend, you can start with a hand feeling. Hope that the conscience of these manufacturers can give players more and better products.

Ali commented that the “original” model car was not really my line, but this time had the opportunity to contact PAUDI model car production units, then I really realized that many new production models do better and progress is obvious. Good and bad workmanship, the assessment has already said that personally, I am very satisfied with the car work. Really smooth, less flawed finish wheel, but eight, texture. Unfortunately, there is no obvious distribution of ESQ, Juke’s personal feeling is not so ugly, they are eager, HA!

“TT Review” I remember boring one day I was searching for TB and suddenly found Nissan Juke model car so quietly listed that it was completely my dish so I immediately planned to buy it but did not hear it again for 2 days Infiniti ESQ also out of the model car, which makes me confused, is this okay? Well, it seems unnecessary! At this time I heard that the club brothers Len in Taiwan WSQ, is a club license, I immediately rushed to the past. As the brothers say, this “little monster” of work, feel and play in the domestic model is considered to be superior, of course, can also improve the space. I hope to have more of this brand of integrity model for our friends to create a worthwhile, fun model.


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