Peak BBS the Belt and Road international cooperation car—— Red Flag


May 14, 2017, Peak BBS the Belt and Road international cooperation held at the Beijing National Convention Center. The meeting to “innovation mechanism, and seek common development” as the theme, the purpose is to strengthen the parties on the “the Belt and Road” understanding, enhance mutual trust, to promote national policy cooperation, the Belt and Road is the important carrier of promote the realization of policy communication between Asia and Europe.

Responsible for the transfer of the VIP guests of course is our red flag. Including Red flag L5 concierge car and Red flag H7 concierge. Driving red flag car feel very stable. Shape looks quite atmospheric.

Here is the Red Flag H7 die-cast model car.

Elegant design, solemn, almost does not contain any sports labels. Comfortable and stable style more fit the Chinese people’s taste of the official vehicle. The recent grid contains the modeling elements of Tiananmen Square.

In the car interior, there have lots of chinese elements, original style.

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