I have already posted the below information in a different thread but what follows is a pictorial guide on how to get rid of paint blemishes.

What are these paint blemishes?

Initially I was under the impression that paint blemishes were caused due to rust but was thankfully proven wrong.

Paint blemishes are caused when a scale model is packed immediately after it is painted, without waiting for the paint to dry completely / thoroughly.

Rohit selected a very good Minichamps 1:18 scale model of the Mercedes M class but it too had paint blemishes on the roof. Although not very easily visible, I was not convinced. So today morning I decided to remove the blemishes and at the same time, have a photographic step-by-step process for all of us to benefit.
The steps below will guide you in the blemish removing process:
For this, I used the following:
1) Fine emery paper (no. 2000) (wet) (try borrowing a used one from a car / bike painter as it is better suited for this exercise)
2) Rubbing compound (3M single / 1 step)
3) 3M car polish (liquid) (or any reputed brand)
4) soft cotton cloth

My procedure:

1) First clean the surface of any dust / dirt / glue residue
2) Soak the emery paper in water. A dry emery paper must never be used
3) Very lightly sand the surface on which there are blemishes.
4) Run your fingers to check whether blemishes have smoothened
4) On rubbing, the surface turns dull.
5) Once the surface is smooth and blemish free, wipe it clean and apply small quantity of 3M rubbing compound.
6) Using a clean, soft cotton cloth, keep on rubbing the area until the time you see gloss reappearing.
7) This takes time but gloss does return
8) Once gloss has returned, check surface finish again by holding against light or running your fingers over the surface. There may be some blemishes remaining.
9) Follow steps 1 – 7 again until the surface is blemish free.
10) Once you get a smooth, blemish free surface, apply small amounts of car polish.
11) Wipe the polish of with a clean, soft, cotton cloth.

While doing the above, wipe off the rubbing compound / polish taking extreme care of small items like wipers, rear view mirrors, headlamp lens, glass, door handles, antinnae, etc. These are bound to break even with the slightest shock.

If polish / rubbing compound gets into gaps / crevices, use a fine paint brush to remove it.

Do not use any sharp objects.


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