1/24 Scale Vinfast VF9 miniature model

This miniature, carefully custom-made by Vinfast, perfectly reproduces the details of a real car at an exact scale of 1:24. The main body of the model is composed of a variety of composite materials such as zinc alloy material and ABS, and the surface is treated by three layers of electrostatic spray painting process, which is both fine and full of texture. It’s small in size, but it’s very attractive in terms of detail and real-life vehicle characteristics. It’s a product created by Vinfast and its impeccable appearance is sure to catch the eye. It is not only ideal for collectors, but also a highly valuable choice as a gift, with a high collector’s value.




Zinc alloy + ABS + a variety of composite materials

213 x 86 x 72 mm

1. Wheels and forward and backward movement
2. The left and right 4 doors can be opened
3. The front cover can be opened
4. The tailgate can be opened
5. The steering wheel can turn the front wheels
6. Has shock-absorbing function

The VinFast VF9 plays a significant role in VinFast’s lineup as it’s the largest model in their range of electric crossovers. Introduced alongside the smaller VF6 and VF8 models in January 2021, the VF9 marked VinFast’s entry into the electric vehicle market. This full-size crossover SUV is notable for its substantial size, advanced features, and electric powertrain. It’s part of VinFast’s global expansion efforts, signifying the company’s commitment to electric mobility and their ambition to establish a presence in international markets like Australia, Europe, and North America. The VF9’s launch is a key milestone for VinFast, showcasing their capabilities in electric vehicle technology and design.

The Vinfast VF9 is an all-wheel-drive electric vehicle featuring two electric motors with a total power of 402 horsepower. It has a 123 kWh battery capacity, offering a range of up to 330 miles per full charge. The VF9 accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 6.5 seconds. It comes equipped with advanced features like over-the-air updates, voice assistance through Alexa, and a companion app for remote vehicle control and navigation. Safety technologies include Highway Assist, Adaptive Cruise Assist, Smart Parking Assist, and 11 airbags. The VF9 also has automatic emergency braking and an Emergency SOS system. It is available in two versions: the VF 9 Eco priced at $79,800 and the VF 9 Plus priced at $85,800. Both versions have a 10-year or 125,000-mile vehicle warranty.