The product is replicated according to the EXEED company. The model car proportion is 1:43 scale. It highly restores the detail of the real car. The model car adopts zinc alloy material,and the surface of the model uses three-layer electrostatic spray painting. It is small but delicate with an attractive outer packaging. Impeccable appearance is bound to attract countless rate of second glance. It is the best choice for collectibles and gifts with great collection value.




Orange/ Grey/ Red




The body adopts the liquid sculpture design of the fluid sculpture body curve. The big mouth design is very eye-catching. The double arched curve design gives a feeling of water reflection on the lake surface. The overall look is still very futuristic, and the chrome trim decoration added at the front edge of the cover is the finishing touch. The trim of the air intake grille below uses a layered design, while the interior is grid-like to enhance the detail texture. The flat design of the headlights is in line with the design style of the front face.

The design of the rear of the car is based on penetrating the rear lights, and there are high-level brake lights below the rear spoiler. The flat lines at the rear of the car show a sense of grade. The silver design also has a contrast effect.The most eye-catching is the integrated penetrating tail light group, which has a more masculine shape, is equipped with an LED light source, and uses blackened processing, which has a high degree of recognition. The dual exhaust pipe exit at the rear is a “real” exhaust pipe exit, not a decoration. It is matched with a protective panel around the bottom to make the rear end look very dynamic.

Exquisite Model

EXEED car factory provides real car for Paudi to carry out 360° 3D data measurement. At the same time, in order to highly restore the real car details, the mold is tested and modified several times during the mold development process, strive for perfection in every detail. The whole production process cost 90 days. Besides, in the assembly stage of the parts, Paudi will send professional quality inspectors to inspect the finished product area, and unqualified products will be collectively destroyed.

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