The headlights of this car are designed with split headlights to meet the current trend. The V-shaped brand LOGO on the front grille of the new car extends to the sides with a flying-wing LED daytime running light, which runs through the two corners of the car, with a hexagonal large-sized air intake grille and a through-through type. The lower air intake looks very recognizable. The body part, the new SUV is very tough, flat body lines with a silver roof rack and bright black window frame, as well as suspended D-pillar trim and two-color rims, the overall look is fashionable. In the rear part, the new car adopts a through-type taillight, and the stereoscopic taillight group continues the design style of the front face daytime running light, which looks refined and coordinated. The rich lateral ridges on the tailgate also create a stronger layering.

Paudi Model do high simulation with this perfect design. The diecast car is made of zinc alloy and ABS plastic. It consists of hundreds of parts and reproduces the real car function.



Sponge cover+ carton box


Vietnam’s first domestic car

Vinfast is the first car brand in Vietnam founded by VinGroup which is the largest real estate developer in Vietnam. The VinGroup will invest approximately US$1~1.5 billion in the first phase to build a 335-hectare plant in Haiphong, a port city in the northern part of Hanoi. It is estimated that the total investment amount is 3.5 billion US dollars. A VinGroup spokesperson said that the company plans to achieve an annual production capacity of 100,000-200,000 cars in the first phase. The product line will include five-seat sedan, seven-seat SUVs and electric vehicles. Vinfast expects annual production to reach 500,000 cars by 2025.