The proportion of professional car models

The proportion of the car model is a big science, standard proportion car model is narrow down according to the real car, If a slight deviation it will make the proportion of the car model imbalance, In the degree of reduction will be greatly reduced, this is the largest different between professional car models and ordinary toy car.

The most popular is 1:18 scale, It’s about 25cm long

Compare to small proportion car model, 1:18 scale model car are more close to true car, more detail on it.

For the collection lovers, this proportion car model although more specialty, but It’s bigger need more room and careful take care it.

1:18 scale car model looks”clumsy”, but It’s good on detail, even some models in the interior or parts of the materials used is more close to reality. The advantage of large size is as much as possible to restore the original, this is the important reason of  this proportion enduring .

1:43 scale car model is small than 1:18 scale, It’s about 10cm, It’s popular in Europe collector.

Usually speaking, 1:43 scale car can’t open the door or trunk, but some of factory can do that, but the gap is obvious in small car.

In may opinion, 1:43 scale car model is the perfect proportion, because It’s easy to collect and smooth lines, except zinc alloy, 1: 43 model also has resin as the body material.


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