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October 12 Renault new card car models officially listed in the Wuhan auto show. The new car compared to the cash models, the new card bin mainly for the appearance and interior details of the adjustment, while the configuration has been upgraded, power continues to carry 1.2T +6 speed DCT powertrain.
Carpenter from the introduction of the original full import so far, are produced by the Renault Spain Valladolid factory, but in China’s sales channel by Dongfeng Renault responsible.
Carbian sales in the European market is very good, is the same level sales champion and the European market SUV sales runner-up.

New card information
1. appearance: still focus on personality
The overall profile of the new card is still the shape of the European small SUV, the biggest change in the front of the face.

Mouth more bright, eyes brighter: the new models change the design of the front bumper, the bottom of the left and right of the two through, and with “C” shaped LED daytime running lights. At the same time, the front grille area is also larger than the cash models, the front headlamps group also upgraded to LED light source (cash for the halogen).

Skilled, shoes handsome: the new models of “body type” consistent with the cash, is still a typical European small SUV posture, and highly personalized two-color body have to retain. At the same time, the new car “shoes” also upgraded to 17-inch “Y” shaped two-color aluminum alloy wheels and 205/55 R17 specifications horse brand tires.

The tail changes little: the new models of the tail compared to the more subtle, mostly details of the Department has been adjusted; such as smoked black taillights, shark fin antenna, the body with the color trim, the bottom of the board and so on.

2. Interior: small mind has reservations, adjust the more subtle
Cash card Bin’s internal space is not large, but the small convenience design is a lot of convenience, the new models are fully retained advantages.

Interior changes: the new models are equipped with a new shape of the steering wheel and the new layout of the multimedia control area

The advantages of the reservation: the compartment layout is clear, the plastic parts are not cheap, the keys are easy to operate, etc .; the details of the steering wheel four adjustable, the outlet can be closed, the seat adjustment range.

3. Power: standard 1.2T engine
The original power and chassis tuning is one of the major factors in the development of the concept of Rena.
Power parameters: maximum power 85kW, the maximum torque of 190N · m, matching 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox.
Power experience: because it is a small displacement turbine + dual clutch combination, so fast when the shift is very agile; but the urban creeping or action too much, too late.
Chassis filter: Carbian chassis has a strong taste of Europe, everywhere in the support, but the slowdown will not jump to play, suitable for more curved mountain.

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