Review of cross polo diecast model car


Cross polo the front face is still good, proportional coordination, The fences are not hollowed out, this is a pity, The hood has a small gap, this is acceptable.

  The proportion of the tail is accurate, the back door of the gap is also better, from the small car model can reflect the German rigorous and serious attitude, Identify all the use of etching pieces and with protective film, the keyhole is not detailed enough.

Volkswagen car are all use tears headlights, big and bright, turn the lamp only to brush the yellow paint, not complete.

The door closures are not very good, although it can be close to the door frame, but still not very tight, the back door is more serious, the paint is good.

The engine is a separate part, but work in ordinary, color with a good match, Just plastic products lack of texture.

The skylight can be opened, the rearview mirror can be folded.


Though, some flaws on it, but the price is cheap, the overall smooth, if you like it,  please be hurry.







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