Reviews of Kia FORTE model car



Side modeling simple and clear,The former low after high body waist , let the Korean car bacome more dynamic . Although this dynamic is ordinary in Korea car.The suspension of car model height is suitable.The gap of four doors is also relatively small, car’s red paint is quite beautiful.


I personally like the FORTE rear, it seems all ready,same with Lexus car.


Look at the front of the car model, headlights and fog lights very clear , superior workmanship,unperfect is also obvious, Up and down grille are no hollow,just two pieces of plastic


Taillights, logo etching tablets are more delicate.


Interior aspects,steering wheel angle seems to be tilted,but it doesn’t matter, good workmanship on it .


Instrumentation, dashboard, a variety of buttons, especially the center console the colour is not  dazzle.Skylight inner layer can slide, the outer layer can be cocked,the front seats can slide back and forth.


No spare tire in the trunk,but have been flocked, but touch is Strange feel,the fuel tank cover can not be opened.

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