Reviews of Toyota RAV4



   The first time I saw toyota RAV4 there will be a freshness, this feeling of freshness is not only reflected in the appearance but also embodies in it brings a new urban fashion.


  Before receiving this RAV4 car model, My teacher and I discussed the appearance of this model, There should be a lot of people will agree with me and the teacher’s view,this is not classic as the old. But I don’t think so. In the diecast car model, RAV4 the front is not deformed and with hight quality.


Such meticulous fog lamps are relatively rare in the domestic model car.


  Although the Toyota RAV4 headlights are not complex ,but The model is still very perfect , no matter from which angle to see.


  We continue to analyze the place in the general evaluation easy to overlook, Wiper and glass, from picture we can see, the wiper is not bone-free, is Ordinary bone wipers, this glass is also relatively fine in the recent evaluation.


  There is no doubet, toyota RAV4 side is the place i don’t want to tall about,why? Because, it  installed the wheels not match to actual model, it seems a thin girl with a CAT shoes, very unfit. Except this ,other is good.


  Side door open in the SUV is common, from PRADO to FJ are all this door, it’s convenice to open and take things. The model does a good on it. In the trunk covered with a layer of thick carpet, felling good on it , but the Seat belts are not made with thread.


The door is ordinary, but little white light make me surprise, and manufacturer use door hinge, good effect.


    As new generation RAV 4, although the appearance is controversial, but there is no doubt, its function will not be neglect, so this model car are carefully on it, the rear seat like the true can be folder 4/6, after folding , conect with luggage to form a spacious space.


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