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To what extent is the workmanship of scale car models nowadays

To what extent have the current scale car models (commonly known as car models) been exquisitely crafted? The main body is made of metal, the simulation car model is exquisite in overall workmanship, the paint is even, the mold is meticulous and accurate, the engine cover + tail box cover + front and rear doors can be opened, the wheels rotate smoothly, the steering wheel can control the steering of the front wheels, and the mirror can be folded. The car is padded with velvet carpet, the lathe can be raised and lowered, the wheels have shock-absorbing effect, and the car model is equipped with a variety of different colors of car paint.

I will use the Jeep as an example. There are two reasons for using it as an example. One is that Jeep is very popular, and someone will take it as an example; the other is to say that the current Jeep model is no longer the previous BBA or higher level. Exclusive products that can only be found in luxury cars have been decentralized to the level of civilian households. For example, Volkswagen, GAC, Hyundai and other simulated car models all have exclusive car model products.

simulation car model manufacturers

I searched for everyone on the Internet. Most of the car models that are scaled down, most of the simulation car model manufacturers can do exquisite workmanship, but the sales are generally flat. The sales of proportional car models are not very impressive, and it also shows that there are A huge market for car owners.

To sum up, despite the fast update speed of today’s cars, many car owners still want to choose their own latest simulation car model, which requires the strong update speed of the simulation car model manufacturer, and there is not enough market sales to support it. It is difficult to achieve. I would like to ask everyone, have you ever thought about owning a car model of the same model as your car.

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