Skoda OCTAVIA COMBI station wagon

I am a travel enthusiast, like all the station wagon, no matter what brand, which level, as long as the “big ass”, I am very obsessed. when walking in the street, when I see the station wagon will not help but look for a while. I am also the owner of golf travel.

Not just me, in fact, many people are also like station wagons, but unfortunately too little choice, and the high price, very few people can afford. Fortunately, this problem is much better than before, because some manufacturers have begun to pay attention to this market, and come up with practical action to meet the taste of these small groups of people. Yes, I am going to say is SAIC Volkswagen Skoda OCTAVIA wagon.

Honestly, OCTAVIA wagon I have been looking forward for a long time, benefit from the localization of production, the price will certainly be lower, and taking into account the current import version of the price has been very competitive, which had curiosity in the end of the car can give What kind of surprises to travel enthusiasts?

However, before the official listing, I think a lot of people will certainly want to know the domestic OCTAVIA wagon strength, including myself, very want to know this new car configuration and hardware specifications. Frankly, so I went straight to the Skoda booth at the exhibition hall.

Well, gossip is over, know that you can’t wait, then, we go directly to enjoy the photoes.

  Same with the golf family has many car style, Skoda’s Octavia family also has many members, we are the most familiar is the sedan version, and on this basis there are ordinary travel version Combi, and cross-border travel version Scout, both in appearance can be distinguished by cross-border kits. Combi car have been imported and listed in the country, and this is not the domestic version of this, but Scout. A friend will be curious, why do this car and the import Octavia travel is not the same, the reason in here.

  Because some time ago Octavia just finished a big change on the appearance, this domestic car also used the latest design. Compared to the old Scout, the new headlights with a split design, low beam and high beam is not in a light group. This is the recent design features of Skoda, if you used to the old car, maybe feel the light strange.

  The other details of the front change is not big, the front bumper or sturdy silver guards, left and right fog lights are large area of black anti-rub plastic package, including the whole car four round eyebrows, the change of the cross-border is very strong.

  Is the middle of the network position a bit strange? yes, ACC radar in this position, which is different from the overseas version. In addition, from the network to extend the two characteristics of the line is very dynamic, which has become the characteristics of Skoda.

  This car is 4687 mm long, 1814 mm wide, 1509 mm high, the wheelbase is 2686 mm. Compared to the old section increased by 28 mm, wheelbase has not changed. From this point of view, sideways quite slender, travel elegant temperament exposed. Why do you like station wagons? in fact, it have manipulation good, practical, there is also a reason: the station wagon is really easy to design beautiful, at least I think so.

  Here to look at the domestic Scout off the ground clearance, indeed higher than the Combi, cross-border wagon, it should be like this. But I know maybe some friends may like Combi that chassis lower design, but taking into account China is not really good road conditions, this cross-border car actually more practical.

Compared with the sedan version, the stationed car is part of the extension in the rear, so we see, Scout has a small size of the window, which is the ordinary hatchback and sedan no Enterprises and the huge load space.

The luggage rack is indispensable to a station wagon, even if you rarely use it, but without it, it is definitely a low level. So, if in the future you buy the car, luggage rack is absolutely necessary to choose.

This domestic Scout tail follows the overseas version of the design, simple lines, all angles are very pleasing to the eye. From this point of view can also find the car’s “ass” is very long, the benefits mentioned in front, the shortcomings are obvious, bad parking.

Look at the details, C-type taillights no special, the power tag “TSI 280”, which means that the car is equipped with a 1.4T engine. Now the import version of the four-wheel drive logo did not appear in this car, so we know that this is not a four-wheel drive. Well, we had the hope of this domestic station wagon has been shattered by more than half, people are very like the import Octavia travel, a part of the reason is: 1.8T + four-wheel drive.

Is there a separate suspension? We liked the import of Octavia travel because of the post-independence suspension. Unfortunately, as you can see, the domestic rear suspension into a torsion beam. We do not want to see it, SAIC Volkswagen Skoda in a number of important configuration have done a reduction, and happens, these are the car consumers who are very looking forward to.

In the interior. Modeling design is no different between domestic version and overseas version, workmanship, with SAIC Volkswagen Skoda has a high standard.

Dashboard of the outer ring is white, looks retro, the number of heads are very large, black with white, very easy to identify.

Chin control of the central control system seems didn’t use the latest volkswagen system, the touch sensitivity is also good. In the future of the official listing weather the car will be changed to the volkswagen, is still unknown.

The domestic configuration is still very good, panoramic sunroof is Keep it, including electric tailgate, tire pressure monitoring, the main drive electric adjustment etc. but the wireless charging function whether it will appear or not is still unknow.

There are two USB ports in the back, this design is very good, the rear passengers do not fight for the USB ports.

This car doen’t have a rear seat channel, many of wagons have, if put a slightly longer items temporary, can’t put down the seat, not particularly practical.

The attractive place of domestic Scout is trunk. Such a large loading space is appropriate for those who like to travel, because the length is appropriate and relatively regular, so usually large items can be installed.

Shade curtain is a good thing, but when loading large pieces of unloading I do not know where to put it, my solution of my trip car is set off the floor, take out the left and right sides of the baffle, cover curtains can Put on the top of the spare tire, the trick is that the floor can also be reset, do not affect the load. But this domestic Scout its floor design is very deep, open it is the spare tire, there is no place to set the shelter curtain space, so it only can be removed on the floor.

The car equipped with a 1.4T engine, the data, the maximum power of 150 horsepower / 5000rpm, the maximum torque of 250 Nm / 1750-3000rpm. According to the previous news, there will be 1.6L engine optional, power parameters may also be consistent with the seductive.

1.4T engine with a 7-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission, a sports mode and manual shift function.

Well, this domestic Scout brief introduction, follow-up will be more details release, I will further added.

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