Small proportions are becoming increasingly popular

There are a number of finished resin models,  because of the strength of resin car model, due to the material advantage, resin car models more easily outline the body lines.

  Resin car model, although is more dimensional in vision, more detail, but not enough weight, fish and bear’s paw can not have both.

In recent years, small-scale car models become popular, like a matchbox size 1:64 scale car models, although these cars about 7cm long,car models in the precision is far less than 1:18 and 1:43 ratio, but their progress is obvious to all.

The installation of small parts in such a mini-car body is definitely a difficult thing, reduction the original strong power is a difficult target for small-scale car models.

Fingers are bigger than they are

  In order to meet the different needs of lovers, some car models manufacturers began to produce their own modified models. Here are a few pictures from the microblog, many car model lovers are now become “hand Emperor” “surgery” their own car model, the effect of the product quite shocked.



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