How to choose a diecast car?

With the developing of the car industry and people income, car becomes more and more popular in the normal family. The culture of car is also taken as a hobby by car lovers. A model vehicle is a miniature representation of an automobile. Diecast car manufacturer is completely according the actual car to produce. Such as shape, structure, color, even […]

Skoda OCTAVIA COMBI station wagon

I am a travel enthusiast, like all the station wagon, no matter what brand, which level, as long as the “big ass”, I am very obsessed. when walking in the street, when I see the station wagon will not help but look for a while. I am also the owner of golf travel. Not just […]

 Dongfeng Honda new CR-V 2017 will be listed In China In July, Honda CR-V 2017 model car ready to go.

The latest news of 2017 Dongfeng Honda CR-V listed! Dongfeng Honda CR-V 2017 car will be officially listed in July this year, Dongfeng Honda CR-V 2017 listed prices are expected about 17 million RMB. We are here today explain the new Honda CRV 2017 . It is reported that Dongfeng Honda CR-V 2017 is the […]

My Toyota corolla model car

In 1966, in November, Toyota launched the first generation of Corolla, Corolla can be said that the history of Toyota’s most successful models, it bring Toyota an unprecedented bright future. 51 years later, Corolla has become a world best-selling models, more than 140 countries and regions, the cumulative total sales of more than 400,000,000 units.   Why Corolla […]

 Nissan 1:18 scale Murano Car evaluation

Received the car model is extremely happy. Murano, this is my fifth Nissan car model. There is a story about Murano, a very old legend, beautiful. Murano, shape is really domineering, this generation of design and not same as the previous generation products. Former face chrome is very solid, the new language interpretation of Nissan latest […]

Can not afford the Ares GT-R? the Infiniti Q50S is also low-key,luxurious and power!

Many fans will think that during the Spring Festival, driving Benz, BMW, Audi home for New Year, is a pride thing. But if you do not want to follow the crowd and pursuit of the idea of personality, then, today’s article is very suitable for this part of the fans! Infiniti Q50 compared to the […]

Guangzhou haixinsha——model car shooting location

Haixinsha known as the tourist destination of Guangzhou, since its inception has become fascinated by tourists. Haixinsha is located in Guangzhou Pearl River within the river sandbar, in the main channel on the Pearl River. Upstream is Ersha islands and the Guangzhou Bridge, the downstream is the newly built Liede Bridge, the south is Haizhu Island, north is Guangzhou land, […]