Typical LC200 —— Never out of date

Land Cruiser LC200 is a typical car, from 1951s to 2017s, it had been go throught 60 years, but people still love it, and it’s model car, we are also sell many years, it looks handsome, even we can’t ride a horse go around the stree, but the SUV car like the male horse, strong […]

The theme shooting of SUV

This is a outdoor filming in Guangzhou. Location in Guangzhou’s Pazhou Park. This park is the place our first collective outdoor filming. That should be 2011 things. This park, Now still so quiet. Few peoples, Very suitable for collective outdoor filming. Of course, the process of outdoor filming maybe come across child. They are the […]

Benz, big guys show time


Reviews of Toyota RAV4

     The first time I saw toyota RAV4 there will be a freshness, this feeling of freshness is not only reflected in the appearance but also embodies in it brings a new urban fashion.   Before receiving this RAV4 car model, My teacher and I discussed the appearance of this model, There should be […]

The originator of urban SUV – Toyota RAV4

The originator of urban SUV – Toyota RAV4    RAV4’s name comes from the abbreviation of: “Recreational Active Vehiclewith 4-wheel drive”, means “four-wheel-drive recreational sports car.” From 1989 to present there four generations. Initially the purpose of Toyota RAV4 is very simple, they want a SUV is better in handling and economy, more space and a certain off-road […]

Second-generation Toyota Highlander Medium term style

Second-generation Toyota Highlander Medium term style     Highlander is very popular in the domestic automotive consumer market, many SUV set Highlander as the standard model. All in all, due to the old Highlander good reputation in the country. April 20, 2007 Shanghai Auto Show, the second generation of Highlander first show up, and through […]

1:18 Scale Infiniti QX60 from Paudi Unboxing

I believe that many people will agree with me that this is the PAUDIMODEL company’s best manufacturing process model car, the whole model car parts up to 300. Added a number of unique features, such as all seats can be folded, the hood auto bounce … I really love this model car. Whether you have […]

How to take a good photo on model car?

How to take a good photo on model car?   With the development and matures of the automotive market, automotive models as a part of car culture, growing number of car enthusiasts. A short period of time people who can not buy dream car, can collect the fine static car models to meet their own favorite. […]