Mazda CX-5 2013 diecast model car

BY shirley.liao

Share collection experience of sunny Sylphy

  Model Scale: 1: 18 Model color: black, sky blue, gray Model introduction: 6 place can be open, suspension with shock absorbers. Old Sylphy you still can buy in online, if you want to buy please hurry. Collection experience: in my Impression,  get it seems to use another car exchange with my colleagues . The […]

Reviews of Audi  Q5

  As an internationally renowned luxury car brand, Volkswagen Audi always adhering to the “break through technology, inspire the future,” the brand concept and the “enterprising, distinguished, dynamic” the brand value. The Audi Q5 is a compact SUV. Audi Q5 fashion appearance continues the design style of Audi Q7, Audi trademark chrome-plated “big ghost face”, […]

The world’s first car with a 3D print

The world’s first car with a 3D print   Strati is the world’s first car use 3D printing, Strati uses a golf cart electric motor, the entire car costs only 5,000  dollars, this car is likely to replace the motorcycle to become the daily  transport vehicles , Strati is an enhanced plastic carbon fiber, It […]

Cans car model

Cans car model   This is New Zealand artist Sandy Sanderson use the old cans, made of the car model, Including the body, wheels, cockpit and other body parts, all use aluminum cans or tin cans, only in the bracket and windshield parts will be used in other materials. Among them, cans of the head and […]

Reviews of Nissan JUKE

Reviews of Nissan JUKE    Nissan Juke model actually is come from Nissan  Qazana concept car ,Although Juke’s body size is not large, but the appearance is wild style,exaggerated intake grille and retro-style circular headlights, surrounded by black body,arch design,As the body size is limited, so the rear door is very compact,and with the hidden […]

Volkswagen GOLF 5 GTI Reviews

Volkswagen GOLF 5 GTI GOLF 5 GTI can be said to be the pinnacle of the GTI since ancient times, it not only has the advanced equipment and technology, robust and full of classic style makes it all evoke the memories and longing of golf GTI. Water tank cover on the red trim is from the second generation Golf […]