The new Toyota Camry will be listed in October

A few days ago learned from the Internet, Toyota has been “80 years old” old man, a car can survive 80 years or even longer, must have their own unique technology, these technologies have to upgrade from time to time, is the so-called live to the old, learn the old! “80-year-old” Toyota is still very energetic, […]

The Car Model on the 18th China International Model Exposition

The 18th China International Model Exposition was held at the Beijing Exhibition Center from 21 to 23 April 2017, As the largest and influential model fair in the Asia Pacific region, it focuses on the latest design concepts, technology applications and trends in interest industry. Since its inception in 2001, a high proportion of exhibitors reputation […]

Paudimodel INFINITI FX50S diecast model car 1/18 – Introduction by CarRoom TV

Paudimodel company always brings us pleasantly surprised, this is paudimodel2010 year introduced Infiniti FX50 1:18 proportional model car, this is a very thick model car, the chassis is the alloy material, 4 doors can be opened, the engine lid can be opened, the hood can also be disassembled, the backing can be opened, remove storage […]