Reviews of Nissan JUKE

Reviews of Nissan JUKE    Nissan Juke model actually is come from Nissan  Qazana concept car ,Although Juke’s body size is not large, but the appearance is wild style,exaggerated intake grille and retro-style circular headlights, surrounded by black body,arch design,As the body size is limited, so the rear door is very compact,and with the hidden […]

Infiniti 350GT Skyline Hybrid

Infiniti 350GT Skyline Hybrid In the Impression to Skyline, are always combined with the GTR, that is simplicity of the pure, movement, and pursuit of performance. However, since the appear of the R35 GTR, meas the separation of Skyline and GTR, GTR pursuit to the function , Skyline gradually tendency to luxury and everyday-driving. But Skyline did […]