Toyota Camry 2018

The United States is the eighth generation of Camry starting area, in the model is divided into L, LE, XLE, SE, XSE and three different configurations of the Hybrid version of a total of ten, of which “L” represents the luxury fashion design, “S” It represents the movement of the design style, the other letters represent the difference between the level of configuration, so this car for the sports version of the low with models.
This time, Camry’s disruptive changes, let us all can not help but send out a feeling, Toyota or that Toyota, Camry is no longer a mediocre Camry had.

If you like this time this young and dynamic version, it does not matter, in November this year, Guangzhou Auto Show, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota will officially release the eighth generation of domestic version of Camry, and the Guangfeng will bring four versions Camry, LE (luxury design with low), XLE (luxury design with high), XSE (sports style with high) and HEV hybrid version. We test drive this car, power unit, design style and technological level of domestic version will be the same, the specific configuration with, can only wait for it to market and then read, but it is said that now 4S stores have begun to accept Scheduled.

The reason why the new eighth generation Camry will make people feel amazing, and its TNGA-based R & D has a direct relationship. These four letters are not platforms, nor modules, but Toyota’s latest research and development concept. It is not limited to a single part, but is ultimately reflected in the vehicle itself through the optimization of the entire system, such as production mode, platform, product capabilities (such as design and handling).
First of all, the biggest impact is the shape. Different from the previous seven generations of calm introverted, placid design commonality, the eighth generation Camry in appearance or interior are used in a completely subversive design concept, fashion, dynamic, streamlined, young and these have Camry cents Irrelevant vocabulary can be found in its body when you see the new car first thing, it is no exaggeration to say that the eighth generation of Camry almost directly from the conceptual prototype jump out of paper.

To achieve such a subversive design, and TNGA are not unrelated, due to advocate the miniaturization of components and ultra-thin, the new car’s mechanical parts, structures and other volume was significantly reduced, so designers in the modeling of the degree of freedom was obvious Enhance. The eighth generation Camry designers and engineers even expressed in an interview, this time the design and development so that they are very comfortable, no longer go a long way, do not have to accommodate each other. These stories, from the products they come up with is not difficult to see, really enough harmony. For example, on the eighth generation Camry, all the components in the cabin have been redesigned and optimized to achieve a 40mm reduction in the height of the hood, which not only reduces the vehicle’s visual center of gravity but also enhances the dynamic and also expands the driver’s Field of vision, sight blind area narrowing, virtually improve driving safety.

In addition to the unforgettable styling, TNGA highlights a better driving experience, which is a tremendous shift from the eighth generation Camry. This change comes from several aspects, the first is to reduce the center of gravity. Through the miniaturization of the vehicle parts, lightweight design, and as low as possible layout (such as the hybrid battery system from the original rear seat position to adjust the rear seat under the floor), the eighth generation Camry vehicle Center of gravity down 25mm, to know that this is without sacrificing the minimum ground clearance under the premise of the changes made, it can be said is considerable. The direct advantage of a low center of gravity is that when the vehicle is steered to reduce the roll amplitude, enhance the body responsiveness, with changes in the body parameters (width increase of 20mm, wheelbase increase of 50mm), can be said that the new car not only in the visual sense more Toward the flat sports car closer, when we open up, anti-roll performance of high-speed cornering let me really feel its change.

This generation of Camry’s “new” reflected in the inside and outside, radical shape, the interior is also young and 10 years old. Compared to the previous generation of conservative conservative, the new Camry asymmetric interior styling is obviously to be much more lively, coupled with the white interior color of our car, sitting inside feel very good.

Change is the shape, the same is always the elegant. The new Camry interior workmanship is still maintained a very high technology, both wrapped cortex or covered decorative panels, in the seam processing and workmanship are very satisfactory, in my opinion, these small details is more Can touch the heart of the place.

There is a small configuration makes people feel very surprised that the Camry finally the whole system comes standard with a four-window lift, because I have become accustomed to Japanese models only to the driver’s seat with a key lift approach, so open a new camry When this feature is really convenient.

Seat comfort in line with our expectations, after all, it is a Camry, do not need to worry about anything. Space, the basic level of the same level of the mainstream, not too big a big exaggeration, but also more spacious, along the way or quite comfortable. Rear headrest can not adjust the height, but the one-set settings are basically to meet the majority of people’s height.

This model is 2.5L models, 40% of its engine thermal efficiency is currently rated as second to none in the world, its actual performance we are also looking forward to. Data, the maximum power of this engine is 205 horsepower, peak torque of 250 Nm, matching the 8AT automatic transmission, the official fuel consumption of 6.9L / 100km.

The beginning of the vehicle and acceleration is still a common front of Toyota’s light performance, throttle trip and acceleration is proportional to basic, with the car more easily. In the process of speeding up the performance of the vehicle is very natural and smooth, linear power output not only to ensure comfort, but also easier for the driver to control.

Gear shift efficiency is relatively high, the official said the shift gap of 0.22 seconds, the basic and dual clutch gearbox at the same level. And we found that this gearbox shift logic is also very smart, need to force when not procrastinator, the smooth ride in daily life is also guaranteed. At the same time, thanks to a wider range of locking torque converter, less power loss, the combing of the power also has an immediate effect.

Double wishbone-type rear suspension in the adjustment bias movement, which is the new Camry left us a more profound impression. Compared to the previous generation of smooth, new models of driving feedback will become very interesting, such as steering wheel can pass more road surface feedback to the steering wheel, so Camry is no longer exclusive middle-aged uncle, young people will like to go Drive it.

In addition to the clearer steering feedback, the chassis is more compact and more supportive than the previous generation, and we get some of the same thrill of driving down a mountain trail. It’s hard to imagine that the fun comes from a Camry.

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