My Toyota corolla model car

In 1966, in November, Toyota launched the first generation of Corolla, Corolla can be said that the history of Toyota’s most successful models, it bring Toyota an unprecedented bright future. 51 years later, Corolla has become a world best-selling models, more than 140 countries and regions, the cumulative total sales of more than 400,000,000 units.

  Why Corolla will become the world’s first sales?

First, the Toyota Corolla and Ford compete for the first sales

If you do not understand the history of Toyota, certainly will not understand this matter, why Toyota and Ford are always competing.

Historically, Ford has given Toyota a lot of inspiration and insight as Toyota’s teacher, such as Ford’s efficient water production line and so on.

Toyota’s founder, Kiichiro Toyoda, was prepared to work with Ford to produce the car, but because of the sudden death of Kiichiro Toyoda, it has been stop. The son of Kiichiro Toyoda are insist on independent research and development, so that Toyota completely out of the Cooperation. In the later, whether in the economic crisis or the oil crisis or environmental regulations business are successful, and ultimately beyond the Ford. Once the students to the teacher beyond, of course, can be said to be very worthwhile to show off one thing, but from this point of view, many manufacturers in the world are learning Toyota’s production model, what is right and wrong, not too good to say. Toyota has gone beyond Ford this has become an indisputable fact.

So Toyota take Ford as a comparison target I personally think is to make Ford feel very humiliated.


Second, B’s R & D philosophy.

Car is a whole industry, which involves all aspects of the project, it was said that the development of a civilian vehicle is the largest amount of engineering, Toyota can produce Corolla, but also produce of LFA, but super sports car manufacturers maybe can not made a car like Corolla, Corolla is actually a manufacturer of the highest level of repression.

From the first generation of Corolla, Corolla’s R & D philosophy is that as a public market car, it must be in all aspects of at least get “B”. The rest is to find ways to use some unique means of innovation to make a particular performance beyond the “B”. In fact, the Corolla car must have to, so that the general public in the driving feel comfortable and can not make people feel low level, it should be an awesome car!

The results, “B” is the most difficult to build the car, is the highest quality car, the results are B’s philosophy and then run through all the models to Toyota.

Through out the car market, some models made the movement is very good, but the comfort and reliability can not, and some are comfortable but high fuel consumption. Only the various aspects have done a balance, a good car can be born.


Third, Toyota JIT guarantee

Of course, have a good R & D concept, but also Toyota’s JIT production concept, of course, Toyota JIT was born because the decades of technology accumulation of Toyota, Toyota have best staff can be made out like Corolla quality car, Toyota in addition to the results are B’s reputation, its excellent reliability is popular the world.

As a classic family used cars, Corolla has been through half a century so far, with its economic, affordable and durable features, well received by consumers. After 11 generations of evolution, in September this year, the new COROLLA Corolla officially launched D-4T models, with its fuel consumption, power and configuration advantages, in the Jiajiao market to establish a new benchmark, set off a new trend.

Toyota Corolla since 1966 more than 10 times, its 51 years to create a miracle of sales. I personally feel that Corolla is not a perfect good car, but it can go through 51 years, now its still so brilliant, the most important thing is that it provides the largest group of home users of the most needed things. Maybe it’s not the best car, but it can be the best for you.

Here is the collect collora model car of mine:

wholesale 1:18 scale Toyota Corolla 2011 DIECAST MODEL CAR

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