Toyota Crown 2005 Reviews

   Toyota Crown 2005

     Crown is the Toyota Group, a small car brand. Toyota Crown in January 1, 1955 in Japan off the assembly line, has more than the 13th generation models,Crown configuration Dual VVT-i out of the two-way valve timing intelligent variable system, the engine’s intake efficiency, fuel economy, power performance has greatly improved, more powerful horsepower. Chassis, the use of four independent all-wheel suspension, comfort is very good.

  Crown is a symbol of elegance in the eyes of domestic consumers, from the early 90’s taxi to the present high-level commercial vehicles, Toyota Crown has gone through many years. With the development of China’s auto industry, the car ownership has been a quantum leap, you can see the car Mercedes-Benz on the road. With the bosses and government officials to see the car, but the Crown is the most common, which meet the requirements of today’s society, not only noble temperament,  low-key, elegant,handsome image,it is the time characteristics, Has become the first choice of successful people!

  At present, Japan’s latest generation of Crown is the end of 2003 listed the twelfth generation Crown, also known as the “Zero Crown”, is the old Crown redesigned, including the new engine, gearbox, suspension, steering and equipment and so on, Its exterior design not only traditional but addition of a vitality.

In the appearance, the shape of the Crown looks more steady and Large,have a some characteristics of commercial vehicles,This is also very consistent with the taste of some consumers, and of course,the Toyota designer will not begrudge in detail and lines reflect its new meaning.The side of the body adding a little chrome trim, to highlight the luxury of the Crown, which is a necessary decoration if vehicles want into China.

  The interior of headlamps add lamp eyebrow, xenon headlamps is still the standard configuration of the Crown,with automatic adjustment function and headlamp cleaning device, the traffic safety greatly improved. at the same time, the fog lamp shape have been changes,became more obvious, fog lamp shape changed to a triangle and the overall style is more full.Crown taillights is very luxury,when braking,the effect is very amazing, very sharp.

The engine of Crown V6 , able to smoothly switch, and can be better high-speed transmission. Lightweight, compact, not only to bring the driver more smooth and quiet driving experience, but also in the start more sensitive.One 2.5L engine maximum power of 142kW (193PS), 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption is 9.5L. The 3.0L engine maximum power of 167kW (227PS), 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption is 9.6L, power, fuel consumption are not any changes .

As a business car, the Crown attaches great importance to the comfort of the rear passengers, so in the back of the central armrests are set on the multi-function keys, you can control the sound system. the most models also have a rear seat heating function, 3.0 top models can also be electrically adjustable rear seatback angle.with comfort and beauty in one of the Crown, you deserve it.

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