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1:18 Toyota die-casting model manufacturer has launched RAV4

Let us talk about the 1:18 Toyota RAV4 2019 die-cast model car based on the model customized by the Paudi car model manufacturer in the past. It is copied and reduced according to the Toyota RAV4 model. The model car ratio is 1:18. Let’s take a look at the condition of this model car.

First of all, some car model collectors know that the 1:18 model customization project started by Toyota car model manufacturers in the past is mainly developed around a group of special car owners and car owners. In addition to their love for Toyota cars, they also Collect Toyota die-cast models.

1:18 model customization

The first generation of models was developed by Toyota car model manufacturers. The current RAV4 is an evolutionary version of it. People who look closely can see that the body is made of alloy, the front and rear wheels are suspended, the four doors can be opened, and the hood can be opened for a clear view. The parts to the engine and the rear door can be opened, the trunk floor can be opened, and the details such as the simulation carpet of the body interior are very good.

When I wanted to open this 1:18 model customized packaging box, it took a lot of time to remove the model from the foam base. At the same time, I can see the appearance or internal details of this car model, as well as the transmission. Device and manifold. In addition, the complicated cables, pipes, and electrical parts have been presented in the inscription above, and it can be seen that the craftsmanship details of this car model manufacturer are still very well done.

In addition, if you take out the customized engine body of this 1:18 model, you can find that the car model manufacturer’s structural design is also in place, and it can be driven by the connecting rods on both sides. The playability has made many people regard this 1:18RAV4 die-cast model as their own collection.

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