Unpacking Report | Paudi 1:18 Nissan Patrol Y62 Model car

You may not be unfamiliar with the name Patrol. This is a full-size SUV model produced by Nissan. Its off-road performance is impressive, and it has been dubbed the “Desert Prince”. In the Chinese market, it is usually entered through the “parallel import” channel. In recent years, it has become more and more popular with imported car dealers – because the sales and value retention rate of Nissan Patrol have been increasing… But what is strange is that people who own Patrol in China Not much. Paudi Model launch the Nissan Patrol (Y62) 2018 model car with  1:18 scale alloy full-open process in May 2022. Is this the Patrol you are familiar with?

About the real vehicle

Nissan Patrol is a full-size SUV product of Nissan Motor; this car series has 6 generations since 1951 (4W60) and up to now (Y62), and is deeply loved by users all over the world. Among them, Y61 has become the most popular in some countries and regions due to its reliability. The current model Y62 is a late facelift, and the Paudi Model is a mid-term facelift (2018) version – if you are more concerned about SUVs, I believe you will not be unfamiliar with the image of this model.

Nissan Patrol’s sixth-generation Y62 was released in Abu Dhabi on February 13, 2010. It can be seen that Patrol’s main consumption areas (except China) are in the Middle East; in 2014, Y62 completed the first minor facelift, and the main changes in appearance In the light group area… The current model (above) is a minor facelift launched in 2019. The appearance details have changed a lot, and the interior also has some high-tech configurations. By the way, the Y62’s siblings are the Infiniti QX56/QX80, Nissan Terra and Nissan Navara (D23).
Paudi Model restoration is a 2018 Nissan Patrol (Y62) V5.6 – as the name suggests, this car is equipped with a 5.6L VK56 V8 engine.
For such “familiar and unfamiliar” SUV vehicles, major automobile websites/platforms have done file-level configuration records, and it is not difficult to find a real car to copy. So, Paudi shouldn’t make any factual mistakes – let’s focus on craftsmanship and details!

Model overview

The protagonist of this article is the Paudi Model 1:18 Nissan Patrol (Y62) 2018 V5.6 car model, the alloy is fully open to the process setting; the product is officially authorized by Nissan; the suggested retail price is $239/unit, and it is now on the market! The model body color is pearl white (metallic paint)
The main functions of the product: four doors and two covers can be opened, the sunroof, the co-pilot glove box, the front center armrest can be opened, the front/middle row seat pieces can be moved forward and backward, the middle/rear seat backrest pieces can be folded forward, The exterior mirrors on both sides can be retracted and folded, the four wheels have “shock absorber” travel, and the steering wheel can be steered synchronously with the front wheels.

The outer packaging of the model product is in red style, and the white back cover has the authorization information of the car brand; the inner packaging is a foam box, and the base has no fixing screws; the size of the model body is large (refer to the comparison between the above picture and the watch), and the quality is low.
It is worth mentioning that Paudi said that this is a sample of decorative panels, and there are small defects such as peeling paint, which does not represent the quality of the details of the product, and is for reference only.

Model car front grille/engine compartment part

Referring to the real car, the grille on the front of the model is a large-area hollow chrome trim. It is recommended not to touch or wipe it frequently to avoid scratches; the headlights have color/separate interior depictions, which also reflect the LED. The configuration of the daytime running lights; some details of the water tank can be seen through the hollow net; the radar details of the whole car are restored, and the configuration and shape refer to the real car.

Reference map of the actual car, source: Autohome

The engine compartment cover is connected to the car body in the form of “puppy legs + hydraulic rod”. This car has a phenomenon of “not lifting” – that is, it is impossible to maintain the opening angle with a certain probability – the solution is to adjust the angle of the “hydraulic rod” to make it The sleeve is stuck; the front cover has flocked “sound insulation cotton” details on the negative side, and the structural engraving line is restored with reference to the real car.

Reference map of the actual car, source: Autohome

This 5.6L VK56 V8 engine model is a non-independent “cake” structure, with some plumbing, electrical configuration and color separation details; the wiper is a separate part of plastic material

Reference map of the actual car, source: Autohome

Model exterior/interior part

The exterior rearview mirrors on both sides can be retracted and folded, with color separation, turn signal details, and probe configuration expressions; front/side window transparent parts have “trademark” details; passenger B-pillars have “nameplate” configuration – carefully Observing and recognizing words such as “made by Nissan Motor Company, brand, vehicle number, number of 7 people” – copy the numbers carefully enough!

Reference map of the actual car, source: Autohome

The sunroof transparent part can be opened, and there is a sun visor below that can be retracted into the roof; the luggage racks on both sides of the roof are independent structural plastic parts, and there are chrome-plated color separation trims around the perimeter.

The door lining plate is restored with reference to the actual car style, with engraved lines and perforated texture expressions, and is fully equipped.

Reference map of the actual car, source: Autohome

The interior of the model is in black/solid wood style, of which the “solid wood” part is restored with water stickers; the configuration details of the center console and steering wheel are clearly identifiable; the co-pilot glove box cover can be opened (it was later discovered when playing, it was not shown during the shooting).

Reference map of the actual car, source: Autohome

The front center armrest can be opened, which is a refrigerated box configuration in the real car; the negative side of the center armrest (rear seat) is also described in details; the rear multimedia screen is configured with expressions.

Reference map of the actual car, source: Autohome

The front driver/co-pilot seats and the middle row (proportional split) seats of the model can be moved back and forth, and the seat parts are made of black soft rubber; the interior floor is flocked, which is accompanied by fluff powder.

The ceiling is light-colored, and the details of the front functional control area are depicted, including areas such as probes and rain sensors; the side air outlets and handles at the ceiling (rear row) are embossed.

Compared with similar model cars, how much would you rate this interior expressiveness?

Model car rear

The red taillight is one of the main features of the mid-term facelift of the Y62. The model shows details such as chrome-plated frame and color separation internal structure; the radar probe shape restores the real car. It is worth mentioning that the rear cover of this car (decorative panel sample) has a paint peeling defect – the actual play found that the white car paint still needs to be more careful. Compared with other dark colors, the white paint has a greater hidden danger.

Reference map of the actual car, source: Autohome

Configuration details such as cameras, license plate lights, door handles, etc. can be seen above the license plate; the rear window has an “electric heating wire” expression; the rear cover and the car body are connected in the form of “dog legs + hydraulic rods”.

The backrests of the third row seats can be folded forward; the rear “tool compartment” cover can be opened with a brushed cloth strip, but there is no interior detail depiction; the two walls of the trunk have configuration details, and the floor anti-rubbing strips are color-separated.

Reference map of the actual car, source: Autohome

Combined with the middle row seats that can be folded forward, you can have “large trunk space”! The soft rubber seat is easy to fold down, and you can use the door opener to assist you depending on your personal situation.

Reference map of the actual car, source: Autohome

Chassis/walking part

The outsole of the model chassis is made of plastic, and configuration details such as exhaust, suspension, spare tire, fuel tank, and beam can be seen; the boarding pedal is made of alloy;

Reference map of the actual car, source: Autohome

The four wheels of the model have a “shock absorber” function, which requires a certain amount of force to be pressed to be seen; the front suspension lower arm is not linked, and the rear suspension is an “integral bridge” linkage structure, and the “shock absorber” function is realized by springs; The details of the standard are restored; the configuration expression of the braking system can be seen.

Suspension stroke display

Write at the end

This is a model car above $200, and it is currently the only 1:18 scale alloy full-open Y62… There are actually other themes that can be played on this model, such as the Nismo version! I wonder if Paudi will have any plans.

I reproduced the unpacking report article of the ICHEMO forum, with slight modifications and deletions for the convenience of reading. The original text comes from the following link:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/DYBTlgzMZjm9QnzrB19u8A

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