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Factory evaluation of Volkswagen 1/18 scale model car

Volkswagen Phideon 2020 1/18 scale die-cast model car, as the brand of Paudi model manufacturer, adopts zinc alloy material, three-layer electrostatic spray paint on the paint surface, and hundreds of model car parts. With collection value, it is a good choice for collections and gifts.

This Volkswagen 1/18 scale model car, the front air intake grille is restored by hollow metal, and the black headlights can see the internal LED light group. It looks a bit like another model produced by the previous Paudi car model manufacturer. A model car eye. Because it is the version of the Volkswagen car model, the real car uses a lot of carbon fiber materials, so when the car model is produced, you can see that the model is restored by hand-pasting carbon fiber water paper and varnish, which has a very strong visual impact.

1/18 scale model car

The diameter of the tail pipe is also very carefully crafted. The lightweight wheels are matted, ventilated brakes, yellow calipers, and the words on the hub cover are also available. The inner part can be seen through the window of the car model. The dial, anti-fog air outlet, gears, buttons, etc. on the center console are all very realistic.

The packaging of the entire model of the Volkswagen car model is also very careful. The base adopts the same color as the car body and is reinforced with a transparent cover. The name plate and the limited number on the base are the marks of the car model when it is manufactured. And this version is also a hot selling one in the Paudi model store. For partners in need, you can leave a message and make a reservation.

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