Volkswagen Passat CC Reviews

Volkswagen Passat  CC

    Volkswagen CC is Volkswagen’s standard coupe,perfect combination of flexibility and stability and the super-sensitivity .Tires with the Michelin PS3 series,Dimensions 235/45 R17,with a good performance in sports.It uses 4 door frameless design, comfortable and dynamic;Interior with a clear movement style,Continuation of the Volkswagen high-end business car series models of style,Colorful high leather sports car seat and leather intelligent sports steering wheel demonstrates the Volkswagen CC speed and dynamic characteristics of passion. In addition, the Volkswagen CC is also equipped with a number of high-tech configuration for the occupants to provide as much as possible convenient and comfortable driving experience.

Smart and elegant appearance, spacious and comfortable space, sports car temperament, the rational characteristics of the car, accurate description of the first impression of Can be harmony with a variety of elegant environment, is bound to be elegant and luxurious aesthetic car model , and the enjoyment of automotive technology . CC shape design combines the dynamic sports car with the luxury sedan elegant, vigorous and luxurious, showing the unique temperament connotation, and contains a unique brand of innovative spirit of the public. The overall design is full of dynamic and elegant elements, the roof from the A-pillar to the C-pillar to a smaller radius of the stretch, high-waist body and automatic frameless door design, showing the handsome side of CC .

Dynamic 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, the shape itself has been decided to rotate the unique charm.  automatic adjustment of bi-xenon headlamps, unique turning lighting function, can improve the lighting effects of turning,  In the acceleration or braking state, the body will appear vertical tilt, the dynamic light irradiation distance adjustment can maintain a stable range of exposure.

Steering lamp, width lamp,foglight and head lamp also makes CC outstanding. Standard electric folding and adjustment of the exterior mirrors, with independent heating function, the driver side add automatic anti-glare and memory function. the style of car tail very decent, with a unique taillight shape, double exhaust pipe from the side reflects the abundant power of the CC. Styles unique taillight shape, like a jet pipe, people naturally think of the beautiful shape when drifting . outside the handle, open the process without loose feeling, intelligent key door lock and open system KESSY, when you touch with the door handle, the door will automatically open. CC have a panoramic sunroof, whether  the appearance or opening angle is quite unique, with a special charming, even in the ventilation mode does not affect the body’s beauty.

   In the Interior, the car door lining material is leather, workmanship and meticulous. The front seats have flank, not just for beauty, but also for comfort. Rear seat design is also very special, enough space on the head of seat and leg.The entire center control console design more structured, because there are touch-based navigation system, so the multimedia control is integrated,the central control system looks more concise,  variety of color interior lining can be choose. With a chrome trim and shift paddles of the multi-functional wheel, high and low position can be self-regulation. And equipped with shift paddles, very convenient.the design of dashboard is reasonable, showing a lot of data, the owner may take some time to  find out the potential of this CC. Advanced electronic ignition switch allows you to simply insert the key, press the ignition button, you can start the car no need to twisting the key. Automatic parking function, the pressure on the brake can automatically keep the car stop, prevent the phenomenon of slip car . Many parts are hidden processing, not only make the car looks neat ,but also make a lot of things  become very convenient, the simplest example is the seemingly small hidden storage box , In fact, it just the small objects and other larger objects separated from the glove box. Powerful travel computer, integrated multimedia features, navigation mode is rather special.

Humanistic design of the advanced electronic equipment to make the CC become a true high-class cars, it can be seen in the configuration table super heavyweight equipment, such as:the sound of  international top audio brand Dynaudio (Dynaudio), it can be restore the most real music. the most able to reflect the advantages of intelligent traffic adaptive cruise is lane maintenance assistance system;the steering bi-xenon headlamps for the owners to provide the best lighting at night . CC contain the top of  automotive electronics technology.

  “All of CC’s design elements are extracted from the luxury car, enlarge beyond, reach to the levels, other models can not be reached,” said Oliver Stefanni, CC designer. “The CC’s exterior design combines sports car dynamics and the elegance of luxury cars , Bold,powerful and luxurious, showing a unique temperament connotation. Sharp “Dan Feng yan” headlights,full of movement tension, the gull-wing shape front bumper very vivid. Luxury car-specific high waist body,tough high-arched arch design, the only car with automatic frameless door design in its class, show the CC athletic brave handsome .


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