Weekend driving——————KIA kx3

Weekend break, with family go to the suburbs. Car space is enough of four people, Most Chinese families are 3-4 people, small families.

  Front face grille part of the design is still used in the Kia family-specific “tiger-like” style, to tell the truth, at first glance to see its front face a feeling of loss, because the front face light, grille, under the protection of the design of the more dispersed.

  Kia KX3 and Jeep Cherokee lights are modeling similar, use the layout is not common style. On the area as the main lights, far and near light, turn signal, LED display lights are there, with the lens so that the headlamps are more spirit; intake grille to extend the area on both sides of the integrated LED display wide lights, Together with the headlamps outline the level of the front face.

Flame red paint and Petal-shaped wheel frame.

Opps, accidentally into the grass, even in the sand, can be easily control, lovely SUV.

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