When it comes to diecast models, I believe that many of my friends are familiar with it. As my country has set off a wave of diecast model collections in recent years, many collectors have begun to collect some high-precision diecast models. For some diecast models manufacturers, To attract more people’s attention, some customized diecast models will also be launched. So, which brand diecast model cars is better? How to judge the quality of diecast model cars?


1. Which brand diecast model cars is better?
Nowadays, there are many diecast model manufacturers on the market. Among the many diecast model manufacturers, how should they choose? In fact, this is also a headache for many diecast models manufacturers. If you want to choose a diecast model manufacturer reasonably, it is actually the easiest The problem is to understand the reputation and production quality of model car manufacturers. Generally speaking, model car manufacturers with good reputation have advanced production quality and production technology, and they can also customize diecast models according to the actual needs of the company. As a global professional miniature model manufacturer, Paudi is well received by customers. It has a very good reputation in the industry. The company has a strong design team and advanced equipment to ensure high quality when the product is designed.

2. How to judge the quality of alloy car models?
a. Weigh the weight
You can weigh the weight of the diecast model. If it feels heavy in your hand, it means that there are few plastic parts in the diecast model. If it is a model of the same proportion, if there are more parts, it will be heavier.

b. Guess the parts
Since the general diecast model is reduced according to the ratio of the real car, the common reduction scale are 1:18, 1:12, 1:24,1:64, etc., due to the different scale in the production, the proportion of the number of parts There will also be big differences. For example, for 1:18 scale models, the number of mid-to-high-end model parts can generally exceed 180, and the number of mid-to-low-end model parts is generally only about 100, or even dozens.

1:43 scale model car
c. Look at the details
It can be judged by details. Exquisite diecast models can be reflected in many details, such as door gaps. The finer and tighter the door gaps of the model car door are, the more refined. For example, the various structures of the lamp cup can be The clear restoration, the transparency of the window glass, and the clear display of the interior instrumentation are all exquisite performance.

3. Why use zinc alloy materials to make models?
Because the casting performance of zinc alloy material is particularly good, it can make various complex structures according to actual needs, and can be well combined with other complex materials. More importantly, the surface of zinc alloy is very corrosive to paint after polishing. Strong, not easy to fade and oxidize. The painted surface after spraying is also very smooth and beautiful.

4. Common diecast model manufacturing methods
When making diecast models, there are usually two methods for manufacturing, one is manual manufacturing and the other is die-casting manufacturing. These two methods also have their own different characteristics.

a. Die casting manufacturing
If it is mass production, then it can be manufactured by using mechanical die-casting, but the cost of this method is very high. Mechanical die-casting needs to make a complete set of molds. Mold manufacturing usually takes 3-4 months, the more refined For the model, the more molds, the longer the time and the higher the cost. For mechanical die-casting manufacturing, this is not a small challenge.

b. Handmade
If the requirements for car models are relatively high, and the number is small, hand-made can be used. Although manual manufacturing does not require the use of molds, each part needs to be made by hand. Obviously the price is much higher than mass production, but its production process is very exquisite, and it will also appear for the production of every model. Given a certain deviation, the collection value of hand-made car models is relatively high.

Which brand diecast model cars is better? After reading the above content, I believe everyone has an understanding of car models. In fact, when alloy model cars are made, not only can they be made with alloy materials, but also other materials, such as wood materials and plastics. Materials, gypsum materials, clay materials, etc. Model cars made of different materials have different values.

This article recommends an exquisite diecast miniature model as a reference:

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