1/18 car model

How much does it cost to make a simulated car model

Some people who like simulated car models, don’t like other people’s plastic toys, want to get a 1/18 scale car model, but don’t know where to buy such a simulated car model, and don’t know the car model manufacturer’s What is the original price, and then I will tell you how much it costs to make a simulated car model.

First of all, to make a simulated car model need to consider the engine (expected to be battery driven), the similarity of the appearance. Also, the outer shell, tire brakes, and the visible internal seats + dashboard, etc., will affect the price of the car model.

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If you want to make such a high-simulation car model, the materials you need to use are: the outer shell + wheels are made of aluminum alloy, the tires are made of rubber, the interior is made of aluminum alloy + leather + plastic parts (if you can use some carbon fiber materials), and the chassis is loaded. The quality of the battery may require the use of steel. The windshield is made of glass, and the headlights and taillights are also made of corresponding lamps.

If such car models with different shapes need to be customized by the car model manufacturer, after all, the processing of parts, the adjustment of machinery, and the customization of various alloys and plastic parts, etc., if it is to be made within a month, it is expected The time and labor required are also a lot.

Therefore, how much money you need to make a simulated car model depends on your needs. The price of a customized car model and the price of a wholesale simulated car model are different. If you don’t do mass production without considering the cost, just make one. If you collect it yourself, 3D printing is enough, and it will probably cost about tens of thousands.

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