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Why are the scale car models mostly 1:18 or 1:43

Since the 1/18 car model is a relatively compromised ratio, from the perspective of surface defects, the larger the ratio of the proportional car model, the less obvious the problem of uneven surface. Take a photo against the side of the car, and then make the entire body just right. It falls completely in the picture. The following simulation car model manufacturers will talk about it from the perspective of workmanship and collection.

1) Usually the luggage compartment, hood, sunroof and front and rear doors of the 1:18 car model can be opened, and the steering wheel and tires can be linked. Since this ratio looks relatively large, it feels good to pick up, and the details are more obvious. It is more suitable as a gift. In addition, the production price of car models is not expensive, and the sales are relatively good.

At the same time, compared to 1:12, the size is more moderate. Based on the above reasons, this ratio is the ratio that major simulation car model manufacturers prefer, and it is generally used for traffic;

wholesale car models

2) Because the smaller the scale size, the more difficult it is to make. For the same appearance and decoration, the 1:43 car model has a lot of details omitted than the 1:18 car model, and most of them are closed. Due to the difficulty of making such a simulated car model, the cost and price are generally relatively high.

Although it is not fun at all from the viewing point of view, this scale car model is very collectible. For example, the well-known paudimodel company is mainly engaged in the production of wholesale scale car models.

As a model enthusiast, as to why this ratio is suitable for collection, this may be due to the small size of the 1:43 car model, small footprint, and convenient carrying. And there is a popular saying: new players accept 18-scale car models, and old model friends collect 43 and 24. This topic of persistent controversy has also emerged in the model circle: which is better between 18 and 43, which is the mainstream.

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