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Factory Introduction

Our factory located in guangzhou zengcen District, with more than 12000 square meters areas. We have about 120 Managers and technicians and 500 employees. All production procedures can be done by the factory except for purchasing the raw material. The factory mainly engages in product technics developing, prototype manufacture, the design and manufacture of the modules, plating, assembling and after sale service.
We own about 100 units of the high-tech machines such as 3D fast modeling machine, CNC digital carving machine, CNC digital milling machine, EDM machine, 160T die-casting machine, plastic injection machine, electrostatic sprayer, automatic pipelining etc. We are becoming as the modern professional car model manufacture base, which has the annual productive capacity of 0.3 ~ 0.35 million units of 1:18 scale diecast model cars and 0.6~0.8 million units of 1:43 diecast model cars

Workers (400+)Factory equipmentProduction capacity
Designer 7 peoplesCenter furnace 1 set1/18 scale: 300,000/years
Prototype enginer 5 peoplesDie-casting machine 201/24 scale: 600,000/years
Mold enginer 30 peoplesInjection machine 271/43 scale: 800,000/years
roductive worker 400 peoplesPad printer 451/64 scale: 1,000,000/years
Inspector 8 peoplesElectrostatic spray equipment: 1set1/12 scale: 100,000/years

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PMTL is a model technology and products import and export trade service company which is committed to simulation model & advertising gifts design, manufacturing, sales.

The factory has passed strict inspections by major automobile manufacturers to meet the production cycle requirements and quality requirements of automobile manufacturers.

PMTL was established in 2007. Over the past ten years, all employees of PMTL have made painstaking efforts and participated in the global economic competition with an open attitude, and gradually developed into a well-known brand in the automotive model industry.

We don’t want to miss every detail that can be modified. We always pursue the best, we always take customer satisfaction as the starting point. We firmly believe that the best product quality can reflect the value of the company.

The sustainable development of a company comes from society. We adhere to the management integrity and continue to carry out targeted poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and child welfare services.

We are committed to the majority of job seekers and employees to provide equal opportunities for employment and promotion opportunities.

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