1/24 Scale Vinfast VF8 miniature model

This miniature, carefully custom-made by Vinfast, perfectly reproduces the details of a real car at an exact scale of 1:24. The main body of the model is composed of a variety of composite materials such as zinc alloy material and ABS, and the surface is treated by three layers of electrostatic spray painting process, which is both fine and full of texture. It’s small in size, but it’s very attractive in terms of detail and real-life vehicle characteristics. It’s a product created by Vinfast and its impeccable appearance is sure to catch the eye. It is not only ideal for collectors, but also a highly valuable choice as a gift, with a high collector’s value.




Zinc alloy + ABS + a variety of composite materials

197.9 x 81 x 69.8 mm

1. Wheels and forward and backward movement
2. The left and right 4 doors can be opened
3. The front cover can be opened
4. The tailgate can be opened
5. The steering wheel can turn the front wheels
6. Has shock-absorbing function

VinFast VF8 is a mid-size electric SUV produced by the Vietnamese automaker VinFast, known for its modern design, advanced technology, and electric powertrain. The VF8 features an efficient electric motor with options for standard and extended range battery packs. Its design emphasizes a sleek, aerodynamic body and distinctive lighting. Inside, the VF8 boasts high-quality materials, a large touchscreen, and a state-of-the-art infotainment system. Safety is a priority, with advanced features like automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping assist. It also integrates various smart driving assistance technologies to enhance driving convenience and safety. Positioned in the mid-to-high-end electric SUV market, the VF8 aims to compete with international brands, reflecting VinFast’s ambition and innovation in the electric vehicle sector.

The VinFast VF8 has received mixed reactions in the market. Some of its features have been praised, while other aspects have been criticized, suggesting room for improvement.

On the positive side, the VF8 boasts a modern and attractive interior with quality materials, bright and crisp interior displays, and a spacious cabin for passengers and cargo. The vehicle’s adaptive cruise control and lane centering are also impressive. Additionally, the VF8 features a dual-motor system providing all-wheel drive, with good power output and decent acceleration times. VinFast offers significant warranties for the vehicle and battery, which is a plus for potential buyers.

However, there are several areas where the VF8 has faced criticism. The driver assistance features, though comprehensive, have been found to be overly intrusive and sometimes problematic. The vehicle’s seats are described as firm and potentially uncomfortable, and the suspension is considered too firm for a luxury SUV.

VinFast appears to be working on addressing these issues, with updates planned to improve suspension comfort and reduce noise, vibration, and harshness in the cabin.