FAQ on Channel Policy

1. What is the principle of PaudiModel’s channel policy?
The principle of Paudi Model’s channel policy is “to work and collaborate on a win-win basis.”
Work and collaborate: Maximize the value for Channel Partners and customers by motivating the Channel Partners to explore the market and consolidating PaudiModel’s brand in the enterprise business market.
Win-win basis: Create a healthy ecosystem for channel cooperation development by establishing a channel cooperation system, supporting, and managing Channel Partners for mutual and long-term interests of customers, PaudiModel, and Channel Partners.
2. What is the channel structure of the PaudiModel enterprise business?
PaudiModel Channel Structure consists of General Distributor, Gold Level Distributor, Silver Level Distributor and Authorized Partners. Paudi Model will collaborate with partners to create an ecosystem conducive to the development of channel cooperation and to expand the market for mutual benefit.

3. What are the characteristics of PaudiModel Channel Partners?
(1) General Distributors
Act as the major Partners of Paudi Model’s Enterprise in regional markets and promise to attain the business targets for related products, including targets for the distribution business.
Recruit and manage Tier 2 Partners, achieve coverage for regional markets, and assist PaudiModel in managing and supporting Tier 2 Partners, including logistics, financing, and pre-sales technical, post-sales technical, and commercial support.
Directly purchase products from PaudiModel and refrain from directly selling products to end users without PaudiModel’s prior consent.

(2) Gold and Silver Partners
Develop the customer relationship platform in a region/industry and commit to reaching PaudiModel’s sales revenue target for the region/industry.
Provide pre-sales technical, post-sales technical, and marketing support for Paudi Model’s products to customers in the region/industry.
Apply to be certified as Gold or Silver Partners for distribution when the distribution business reaches a certain scale in the region.
(3) Authorized Partners
Serve as junior-level Sales Partners that have passed Paudi Model’s certification.
Provide pre-sales, post-sales , and marketing support for PaudiModel’s products to customers in a region/industry.

4. Why do Resellers choose to join PaudiModel Channels?
Over the past thirteen decades, Paudi Model has achieved tremendous success by developing innovative technologies. Through steady growth, Paudi Model ranks as one of the largest model car manufacturing suppliers in China.
Paudi launch new model vehicles every year, With the most complete range of product lines , Paudi Model can efficiently meet the various requirements of enterprise customers and projects. Paudi Model has developed the Channel Partner Program to explore the market in joint efforts with Partners and to help Partners grow together with Paudi Model.

5. What are the benefits of joining the PaudiModel Channel Partner Program?
Paudi Model has developed a range of flexible incentive programs to increase profits for Channel Partners. PaudiModel provides channel-specific and value-added policies based on the cooperation, contribution, and certification levels of its Partners.
• Benefits for Paudi Model Channel Partners include:
• New products priority sales
• Special offers unique support
• Customized products technical support
• Credit support
• Commercial support
• Support for marketing and branding campaigns
6. What are the requirements for Partners who want to join the PaudiModel Channel Partner Program?
Requirements for each Partner level in the Channel Partner Program include:
(1) Certification Standards for Distributors
Distributors have sales experience in related products, comprehensive strengths in terms of company capital, employees, logistics, marketing, and technical support, and a strong lower-level channel partner network. Their business scope covers major markets in authorized countries and they have branches in key cities.
7. What products can PaudiModel Partners sell?
PaudiModel Channel Partners can sell a full range of Paudi Model products within their authorization.
8. When will a PaudiModel certificate expire?
The certification and authorization of Channel Partners are based on calendar years. In principle, the validity period of an agreement shall not exceed two years and the expiry date is December 31 of the current or following year.

9. What marketing support can Channel Partners receive from PaudiModel?
Paudi Model provides marketing support to Channel Partners to help them better explore the market and enhance