How to Make Homemade Model Cars

If you want to make your own homemade model car, one option is to make one with wood. Using wood will be easier than using other materials because it’s easier to cut and adhere than materials such as plastic or metal. Also, you are more likely to already have some of the tools necessary for the project.

Draw the shape of the car model you want to make onto one block of wood. Draw whatever details you want to add to the car directly onto the design. Add 2 1/2-inch wheel wells onto the sides of the design for the tires.

Cut out the design of the car from the wooden block using a jigsaw or a band saw. The jigsaw will allow for greater detail on the car than the band saw will.

Carve any additional details from the car using a chisel and hammer. Be careful when hammering the chisel onto the wood not to break any thin sections of the car.

Draw four circles onto the second block of wood. Each circle should be at least 2 inches in diameter.

Cut the circles out of the block of wood and sand them down until they are as close to circular as you can get them. If you use a jigsaw to cut the circles out, you’ll probably be able to keep the shape very close to round.

Sand all the surfaces of the car and the tires with sandpaper until every wooden surface is completely smooth.

Attach the tires to the wheel wells of the car using wood glue. Clamp the pieces together and allow one hour for the glue to dry.

Chisel off any excess glue that seeped out of the wheel wells with your chisel and then spray paint the car model whatever color you prefer. Add details to the car using different colored acrylic paints. Allow one hour for the paint to dry before touching the car after each coat.

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