Dongfeng Honda new CR-V 2017 will be listed In China In July, Honda CR-V 2017 model car ready to go.

The latest news of 2017 Dongfeng Honda CR-V listed! Dongfeng Honda CR-V 2017 car will be officially listed in July this year, Dongfeng Honda CR-V 2017 listed prices are expected about 17 million RMB. We are here today explain the new Honda CRV 2017 . It is reported that Dongfeng Honda CR-V 2017 is the […]

My Toyota corolla model car

In 1966, in November, Toyota launched the first generation of Corolla, Corolla can be said that the history of Toyota’s most successful models, it bring Toyota an unprecedented bright future. 51 years later, Corolla has become a world best-selling models, more than 140 countries and regions, the cumulative total sales of more than 400,000,000 units.   Why Corolla […]

Guangzhou haixinsha——model car shooting location

Haixinsha known as the tourist destination of Guangzhou, since its inception has become fascinated by tourists. Haixinsha is located in Guangzhou Pearl River within the river sandbar, in the main channel on the Pearl River. Upstream is Ersha islands and the Guangzhou Bridge, the downstream is the newly built Liede Bridge, the south is Haizhu Island, north is Guangzhou land, […]

Evaluation of Audi Q5 diecast model car

The car model is 1:18 scale Audi Q5 car model, produced by Paudi Model, factories located in Shenzhen city, the material is alloy and plastic, the product is a static model, but also has the following features: four-wheel shock, the door can be opened, the hood can be open, the trunk can open, the steering wheel […]

The history of Peugeot logo

Peugeot became one of the most qualified founders in the history of the automobile industry in 1890. In 1905, the Lions LOGO first appeared in Peugeot’s website. After more than 120 years, the Lion’s LOGO experienced a total of ten innovations. Let’s talk about the evolution of Peugeot Lions LOGO. In 1847,Peugeot family want to use the […]

Peak BBS the Belt and Road international cooperation car—— Red Flag

  May 14, 2017, Peak BBS the Belt and Road international cooperation held at the Beijing National Convention Center. The meeting to “innovation mechanism, and seek common development” as the theme, the purpose is to strengthen the parties on the “the Belt and Road” understanding, enhance mutual trust, to promote national policy cooperation, the Belt and Road is […]